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I paint the way I think: complex, ornamental, associative, chaotic, disoriented, multi-layered. Compared to my inner life, the large-format worlds in oil also invite outsiders to immerse themselves in them.

Using associatively collected and combined samples of image material,

I research the image and painting, but also social issues. Areas of this research are the color, the ornament as well as the construction and deconstruction.

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I live and work in Lucerne. From 2010-2014 I studied art and mediation at the University of Art & Design in Lucerne. In the following seven years I completed my HF degree in business administration next to my artistic projects. Since 2019 I‘ve been working part time as a project manager, which allows me to focus intensively on my artistic work. In August 2021 I started with the Master in Fine Arts, Major in Critical Image Practices in Lucerne.

Postparadise 3.1a.jpg


Soft Corners Hard Clouds, Bell Areal, Kriens, 2023 (COMING SOON!)

Post Paradise ever growing, Exhibition Lab, Kriens, 2022

Post.Human?, Exhibition Lab, Kriens, 2022

JKON, Schützi Olten, 2022

Gruppenausstellung It‘s so cloudy, I can barely see you, Hochschule Luzern, 2022

Projektausstellung in Zusammenarbeit mit Aurelia Rosenberg, In der Fremde, Masterrezitat MaMp, Basel, 2020

Wenn Schatten tanzen, Gallerie Gummientli, Luzern, 2018

Look at me look at you, Phrontistery, Luzern, 2017

Riconi Art Gallery, Zug, 2015

Werkschau, Allmend Luzern, 2014

Semesterausstellung, Rössligasse, Luzern, 2013

Kunstpause, Zug, 2012

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